20 September 2010

Wardrobe Challenge Update - 10 Pieces, 10 Days

Following on from my post last week I've been giving this some thought and have decided for the next 10 days I will limit myself to wearing only 10 pieces of clothing. I've included one jacket in this total but not included shoes, scarves or jewellery. I've also left out a bag because I usually just throw my purse, lipgloss and phone into the baby changing bag I carry for Ella. The pieces I've decided on are below:

As Itztru pointed out, living out of a suitcase for the last week helped me to clarify the items that I'm most drawn to, so I found it pretty easy to pick my 10 items. I noticed that I felt most comfortable in a variation of tee, jeans and cardigan. Its definitely reaffirmed for me that despite loving shirts on other people, I don't feel comfortable in them and will nearly always pick a t shirt over a shirt.

I've decided to only do this for 10 days (I may extend this though), which doesn't seem like long but I'm hoping that this will be long enough to prove to myself that I am happy with limited variety and that I don't need more than a few, good quality basics in my wardrobe. I've also decided to stop buying clothes for a while, maybe till the end of October. I'll probably post polyvore sets of what I wear each day as I think it will be helpful for me to look back on it and will act as reinforcement that I don't need to buy more.

Right now its day 2 of this little project and I'm looking forward to getting dressed and only having a few things to pick from.


  1. I'm intrigued by this...perhaps if I chose 10 pieces from my closet each Sunday for wearing to work during the coming week, I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed each morning!

  2. I love uniforms and your selection looks cool. I would pick a t-shirt over a shirt too if I had to choose just one, even though I love my shirts.

  3. Itztru, you should give it a try you could post your 10 items on polyvore. I can imagine starting the working week with your 10 items neatly pressed and hung in your closet would make the start of each day go smoother - no last minute panics! I will certainly be doing this when I go back to work.

    Thanks P.

    Lin, I love uniforms too, I guess this has become a uniform for me, albeit a slightly boring one!

  4. What color are the converse you have? I want to get the exact same color! I am currently on my own personal journey to becoming minimalist and this just seems so cool! gave me lots of great ideas for staples I need.