26 June 2012

The Minimalists Wardrobe - An Update

Apologies to anyone that read this blog for disappearing for such a long time, somehow a one week break turned into a one month, then a one year + break. I was never the most committed blogger but I did miss having a place to call my own, to jot down my thoughts relating to style and trying to create the perfect small wardrobe. I also missed the communication with the few people who read and commented on my blog, who always left insightful and thought provoking comments.

To that end I have decided to start posting again, I can't promise I will be posting many times a week but I do want to at least get something out there once a week. I think I have said this before on this blog, that even if no one reads it I do like having this space to try and make sense of my thoughts, to analyse potential purchases and to wade through the myriad of style inspiration and temptations out there.

To provide a bit of an update on where I am right now, I'd say I'm the happiest I've ever been with my wardrobe. Its not 'perfect', but I've realised that it will probably never be - there will always be something that needs replacing or something that needs purchasing to fit whatever stage of life I'm currently at. And thats ok! I think before, I was hung up on this mythical idea of the perfect wardrobe, and I thought when it all finally came together getting dressed each day would be a delight and the compulsion to shop would entirely disappear.

So far this year I've bought less than I've ever bought before (during a 6 month period). I'm satisfied with each purchase and feel like I don't make as many (if any at all) mistakes any more. I also find getting dressed each day easier and tend not to overthink each outfit. I've reached a place where I really can grab a few things from my wardrobe and each piece works together, but more importantly that I feel comfortable in and that just feels right somehow. More on how I got to this point later.

Thanks for reading, V x