9 December 2009

Wardrobe planning - Autumn and Winter (Part 2)

I've established what kind of things I do with my time, and I think for the most part my day to day wardrobe needs to be made up of casual clothes, with a few smarter pieces mixed in. The next step is to think about what clothes, shoes and bags I need in my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. I've come up with the following list, which is based mainly on things that I already own, with a few additions and replacements.
So far I've come up with the following list:
5 long sleeved t shirts
5 long sleeved sweaters
2 cardigans
4 shirts
1 vest
2 pairs of jeans for flats, one casual, one smart
1 pair of smart jeans for heels
1 pair of trousers
1 day dress
1 skirt
2 wool coats, one long and one short
2 pairs of ballet flats
1 pair of flat boots
2 pairs of converse
1 pair of heels
2 large, everyday handbags
2 smarter handbags
This comes to 36 items total which I think is just about the right amount for my day to day wardrobe. I don't need a lot of variety in my clothes and I'm quite happy to repeat outfits, I much prefer to wear something that's tried and tested and that I know I feel comfortable in. For casual, everyday clothes, I have a ratio of 5 tops to 1 bottom (5 t shirts, 5 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans overall) which I think will work pretty well. I'm happy to repeat wear jeans, but I do prefer to wear a different top everyday, with a few for backup in case something's in the wash.
At the minute I'm down to less than 25 items as my bump has grown and I've gradually outgrown most of my clothes, which admittedly is pretty hard. I wouldn't mind so much if I loved the things I can wear, but most of them I'm pretty ambiguous about. They've served a purpose whilst I've been pregnant but I can't wait to pack them away and start wearing my old clothes again. I'm being optimistic here and assuming I will still be able to fit into some of them – realistically I think it might take a while!

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