8 December 2009

Wardrobe planning - Autumn and Winter

If I want to create the perfect, pared down minimalist wardrobe which reflects my lifestyle then I need to think seriously about what I actually spend my time doing.

So, I've tried to come up with a list of all the things that occupy my time, and have grouped them by the kind of clothes that might be required for each occasions. A few notes:

*In three weeks time I won't be working anymore so work clothes don't feature on my list *Some of this is guesswork as I've never been a stay at home mum before, who really knows what I'll be doing!?

*I haven't included being at home since I tend to wear pretty comfy casual stuff like hoodies and leggings which I don't count as part of my core wardrobe

*I haven't included very occasional events like weddings, christenings, christmas parties etc since I don't include formal wear as part of my core wardrobe.


Running errands, going to the supermarket

Going to friends houses/having friends over

Weekend breaks to seaside, countryside

Walks in local parks/national trust sites


Going out for lunch or coffee

Going over to parents or parents in law for lunch/dinner

Weekend visits to cities for shopping/lunch

Weekend breaks to cities

Going to see bands

Going out for dinner (eg. country pub)


Going out for dinner (eg. city restaurant)

Going to the theatre

From past experience, I've found that I'm pretty much there with the casual and smart outfits but the ones that I always seem to struggle with are smart/casual ones. Those that require something slightly smarter than a t shirt or sweater, but where a silk blouse might be too smart, for example going to see a band, meeting friends for lunch, or going for dinner to a country pub. I want to address this in my wardrobe planning so that this time next year this won't be an issue.

This leads me onto the next step, what do I actually NEED for Autumn and Winter? I'll cover this in my next post.


  1. i've come to the conclusion that i'd rather be underdressed in 'smart/casual'situations, rather than overdressed, so long as i'm not underdressed to the point of being rude.

    whenever i dress or shop for these occasions i try to remember the times i felt i got it right, and try base my look on that particular occasion.

  2. I have to agree, I hate being overdressed. Sometimes its hard to get the balance right though, I like to make an effort and put thought into what I wear, but I just don't feel that comfortable being too dressed up (unless the situation requires).

    I think thats the key, to stick to what you know works for you. I will have to try and think of some occasions that I got it right, I'm sure there are some!