26 July 2014

Holiday in Scotland - What I Packed

My Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Above is what I packed for a recent family summer holiday to the South West Coast of Scotland. We were fortunate to enjoy beautiful sunny days so the jacket, sweater and long sleeved shirt didn't get worn but I enjoyed wearing everything else that I packed. I'm really starting to notice a difference in how I'm feeling in my clothes since adopting a modified version of Project 33, and this really hit home on holiday. It just feels easier getting dressed each day, and I feel that my clothes really suit my lifestyle and reflect who I am right now. Maybe part of this is getting older (I turn 32 next month) so I feel like I can wear what I want, regardless of whats in fashion or what other people are wearing and not have to make any apologies for it. I'm also starting to notice other subtle changes, I've had my hair cut shorter and can't remember the last time I blow dried it or straightened it. I wear very little make up these days and even though I still love to buy beauty products (as evidenced in my last post!) I'm more interested in improving my skin so that I can go makeup free rather than masking imperfections. I'm actually conducting a little minimalist beauty experiment right now and I'll write more about this later.
V xx

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