19 November 2009

Making progress

I returned a bag today which I was ambiguous about, it had been sat in my wardrobe for the last couple of weeks whilst I tried to decide whether I wanted to keep it. Now that the bag has been returned and my decision has been made I can see that the bag was in no way the right purchase and I would pretty shortly have come to regret buying it. So why can’t I see this immediately, and why didn’t I return it as soon as I received the bag and realised it wasn’t what I wanted?

I think my problem is that I settle and make do too easily, I nearly talked myself into keeping this bag because it was practical and fulfilled about half of the criteria I had for this bag purchase. BUT, the bag in question had leather that was aged and crackly looking and was not the colour I wanted, it also had an unappealing gathered design feature on one side of the bag. Here’s the criteria so that I can use it as a reminder to myself for future purchases:

*Must be able to be worn across the body, or sit comfortably on shoulder
*Must have internal pockets for phone, lipgloss etc
*Mustn’t be too large as I already have 2 large bags
*Must be grey or dark grey in colour (no hint of brown/blue/purple)
*The leather must be smooth and not ‘crackly’ or vintage looking
*The bag must have minimal detail, I’m not interested in features such as buckles, chains etc. The sleeker the better.

I think another part of the problem is that I get very specific ideas of what I want/need in my wardrobe, and after a few months of searching desperation kicks in, and I make stupid decisions. I feel like I’ve made progress today by returning the bag and not settling for second best. Rereading my second post about a perfect wardrobe, I feel like I might be somewhat closer to this ideal.

Next time I’ll post the bag I’m considering ordering, so far it seems to be pretty much exactly what I’m looking for but its always hard to tell when making a purchase online.

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