28 November 2009

Coat update

I tried the Whistles coat on yesterday and it unfortunately it doesn't work for my shape. Its too slouchy and blousy, I'm guessing this style was designed with someone much skinnier in mind. I have to be careful to avoid adding unneccessary bulk to the chest area so I need something with a more streamlined shape.

So far the Kew one seems to fit the bill, its a really neat shape which works well on my frame and for the price the fabric is lovely, 90% wool + 10% cashmere which makes it feel really soft and luxurious. I hate scratchy wool! The Paul and Joe coat is only 80% wool, blended with some synthetic fabric which is a bit offputting (especially considering that it costs upwards of £300!).

I'm currently on a 1 month long clothes buying ban so think I'll orderthe Kew coat next Tues when the ban ends!

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