19 June 2009

The Perfect Wardrobe

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of creating the perfect wardrobe.

Everyone will have their own interpretation of what perfect means to them, but for me its one where:

*Every item in my wardrobe is loved and well worn

*I have no hesitation in wearing the clothes in my wardrobe because they are right for me, and fit my style/lifestyle
*I never feel a twinge of guilt when I open my wardrobe because there are no expensive mistakes lurking in there
*There is a clear theme running through every item in my wardrobe, and a feel of overall cohesiveness
*There is nothing in my wardrobe which is superfluous to what I need.

In essence, I want to create a minimalist wardrobe which is stripped to its bare essentials, but still delivers everything I need from it. (To clarify – by ‘wardrobe’ I’m not referring to a place to store clothes, but rather the range of clothes that I own).

To do this successfully, I need to hone and define my style, and really drill down to what I like and what works for me. I want to have a clear overall vision of my style, so there is a common theme running through it and a feeling of cohesiveness. I think that I’m about 75% there right now, but there is still room for improvement and some further work.

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