29 August 2010

Back to blogging

Well hello to anyone who is reading this after a massive 7 month blogging break. I do have a good excuse though - our beautiful baby girl, Eleanor Rose who arrived 15 days late on March 5th weighing a very healthy 9 ibs 11 oz! I can't resist uploading a couple of pictures, one taken at 6 weeks old and the second at 6 months.

And now enough baby talk and back to the original point of this blog! I feel like my goals and intentions with regards to my wardrobe have fallen somewhat by the wayside this year, after making some initial progress. I feel like I need to regroup and make my intentions for the coming season clear via this blog as it really keeps me accountable and will hopefully get me back on the right track. I really valued the opinions and thoughts of everyone who took the time to comment on my blog last year and found it so helpful to have this space to write about everything. I have plenty of posts lined up, such as wishlists for the coming season, an update on my style resolutions, some more lessons learnt and a potential shopping ban over the next few weeks.
Thanks for reading, Victoria.